Welcome to JAEJUDO!

I began this journey by going through my closet and offering my collection of apparel, kicks and accessories on the resale market. When I ran out of my own items to sell I began visiting local thrift shops and adding to my existing inventory. Over time, I began to experiment with repurposing old blankets and fabrics cut and sewing them into custom hoodies, pants, shorts and accessories. Eventually it became more and more difficult to acquire quality fabrics from thrift to meet the demand of my customers. 

Today, I am happy to introduce to you the next step of my business which is now sourcing new high quality tapestry fabrics for which I make our custom apparel pieces from scratch. Yes, cut and sewn! You can choose from my stock collection which are items I have hand picked and created OR you can choose from the custom tapestries available and select an apparel item of your liking. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter and I'll keep you posted about the exciting drops that are coming. Check us out on IG @shopjaejudo and TikTok @jjaeudo

I look forward to continuing this journey and I hope that you will join me. I am so excited! You won't be disappointed. 

jaela <3